advice for dating a beautiful woman

Women may look the same in the way they behave, but I assure you that they are totally different, especially beautiful ones. Use the following advice for dating to make any beautiful woman attracted and seduced by you.
You may be more experienced in dating, but can you have success dating a beautiful woman?
They are very different than most other women in the fact that: They have men thrown at their feet every day! Believe it or not, beautiful women are fed up with this situation! They are so fed up that they have developed tricks and tactics to get rid of any guy who is less than worthy of them.
This is a big opportunity for you and a very big challenge you have to overcome. To date beautiful women use the fowling advice for dating:
· The first advice for dating a beautiful woman is smell great and be great
This advice isn’t only about smelling great, it’s about looking great also. As explained before, beautiful women have men following and worshiping them all day long, so they have developed tactics and tricks to filter only the good ones. The first filter is the looks.
Guess what would happen if she finds one of these defects in you:
1. You are trying to cover your baldness 2. You have bad breath 3. You look pale 4. You smell terrible 5. You have bad or non-matching clothes 6. You have dirty shoes
Yes, she will throw you in the trash bin. This is the reality; you have to deal with it.
My advice is to always be the best looking possible, no matter what you are going to do, and especially if you are dating a beautiful woman. And one more thing, you have to pay a great attention to the details and the smell, they are the ones which get guys the most rejections.
· The second advice for dating a beautiful woman is don’t care about the outcome
This advice I’m going to give you will sound very sadistic, I assure you, it’s not. Whenever you are dating a gorgeous woman, you have to always make sure she gets this message from you: “You aren’t unique and I can get hundreds of women more beautiful than you”.
Yes, this is the message she has to hear from you all the time and especially when she starts pulling bad behaviors on you. Don’t read this message word for word to a woman; you have to give it to her implicitly.